Zhongyue International Hotel

Zhongyue International Hotel

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Consolidate development position and lead intelligent manufacturing

Stimulate three thousand rivers to rise, fight for ninety thousand thunder and run fast. Xingfu Town will seize the creation of a national kitchenware product quality improvement demonstration zone and the historical opportunity of the major project of transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, firmly grasp the general tone of the work of “seeking progress in stability and striving for success”, and always adhere to the development of industry-city integration. The idea is to take party building and the transformation of new and old momentum as the command, coordinate and promote the overall layout of "one city, five districts and six parks", coordinate and promote safety production, environmental protection, letter and visit stability, land management, poverty alleviation, risk prevention, rural revitalization, and education Eight key issues in the business, to expand and strengthen the “five industries” of commercial kitchenware, sheet metal, business exhibitions, modern logistics, and high-end services. Accelerate the construction of China's Xingfu Smart Kitchen Small and Medium Enterprise with an investment of 1.66 billion yuan and an area of 308 acres Incubate the demonstration zone, consolidate the development position, lead the intelligent manufacturing, polish up the famous "China Smart Kitchen Capital · Shandong Xingfu Manufacturing" brand, continue to compose the colorful movement of Xingfu revitalization, and present the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with outstanding achievements.

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