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Refrigeration production line

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China's Smart Kitchen Capital, Shandong Xingfu Manufacturing

Xingfu Town, Boxing County is located in the hinterland of the Yellow River Delta. It is an important commercial kitchen production base in the country. It is a high-quality sheet metal processing and distribution center north of the Yangtze River. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, with the courage and courage to dare to try and be the first, generation after generation of Xingfu people have worked hard and forged ahead. They have rapidly risen more than 2,700 small and medium-sized enterprises in small towns less than 52 square kilometers Enterprises, more than 100 well-known trademarks such as Jinbaite, Keyu, Meichu, Huiquan, Lubao, Yi Dexin, Hongxinyuan, and Dafa have emerged, and have successively won the "China Industrial Cluster Economic Demonstration Town" and "Shandong Kitchenware Industry" With honorary titles such as "Ten billion Town" and "National Key Town", it has created "China's Smart Kitchen Capital" and "Land Township", which are well-known as city cards throughout the country.

In recent years, relying on a solid industrial foundation, Xingfu Town has seized the historical opportunity of transformation and development, aimed at the high-end industry and focused on business exhibitions. The total investment in construction and operation is 910 million yuan, the total construction area is 600,000 square meters, and more than 5,000 companies can participate , China Kitchen Capital International Convention and Exhibition Center where more than 50,000 people participated, and successfully held the 6th China Smart Kitchen Capital International Hotel Supplies Expo and the 13th China (Boxing) International Kitchenware Festival. The accumulated trade volume of the exhibition was nearly 100 billion yuan. It has become the "weathervane" and "barometer" of the national commercial kitchenware industry, has accelerated the transformation of the kitchenware industry from manufacturing to manufacturing services, and has created another iconic city card of the "famous exhibition city".

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